The “Green” Zone – Eco Fashion on the Rise

Today’s generation of fashion designers and beauty companies are starting a new revolution-the Green revolution. From global warming to saving Mother Nature and concerns on spendthrift fashion, the 21st century style is widely “going green”.To these eco-friendly clothing distributors and cosmetics manufacturers, everything from dresses down to shoes and makeup has to be earth friendly. Life cycle in the fashion industry to them is not simply about keeping in touch with what’s cool and hip, but more about the concern on what happens to their wholesale dresses and makeup bottles after they are out of season and empty.In Paris, Pedro Lourenco, a budding Brazilian designer showcased his collection with a theme, “Diana the Huntress”. His dresses clearly depicts of a warrior woman living in close connection with nature.Sophia Kokosalaki’s collection was a reflection of her childhood days in Greece. The satin pants with rippled fabrics and dresses ornamented with gold covered matchsticks are a clear depiction of a burning forest, a clandestine reference to last summer’s fires in Greece.In Los Angeles, last week’s L. A. Fashion Week showcased The Green Initiative Humanitarian Fashion Show, which gave designers a new look in eco-fashion. The show featured eco-friendly designers Emily Factor, Lizzie Parker, and Puridee.Emily kicked off the “green” catwalk with her sexy silhouettes which used organic fibers, non-hazardous dye, and reclaimed materials. Lizzie worked out her work/night out ensemble using organic fabrics. Her eco-fashion style combined with exquisite accessories artfully exuded versatility and flair. Meanwhile, Puridee stomped the runway with fiercely feminine and alluring organic wedding dresses made of silk that was organically raised and woven by hand.Following the fashion designers’ green revolution is the beauty industry. In a study conducted by Mintel in 2008, forty percent of the women surveyed said that the eco-friendly packaging of cosmetics matters a lot in their purchasing decision.The study brought about a significant change in packing methods and materials used in beauty products, even in the form of energy used in the production such as energy-efficient bulbs. Companies are continuously finding ways to make their products as Earth-friendly as possible by using organic and renewable substances, e.g., Mineral FX’s biodegradable corn resin jar and the recycled jar of Aveda’s Green Science Firming Face Cream.The goal of green revolution is to use natural resources more sensibly. But is it enough to change the world? Not entirely. But a stiletto-sized step frontward will take us farther than expected. The fashion and beauty industry is a highly influential world. Organic fashion produced for the runway, “green” beauty products, and eco-friendly mass-produced wholesale apparels is surely a sensible move towards saving our ailing planet.

Fashion For Back to School

Returning to school night bedtimes and wake-up times in the weeks before school begins is a good way to ease kids back into the proper rhythm for going back to school. Taking trips to the store to purchase school supplies like notebooks and pens can get the younger ones excited about returning to school because they are getting something, and that something needs school to start to be used. It’s all simple psychology that parents can use to the benefit of their child. After all, don’t we want them to love and to excel in school?During the summer, it is normal to let them go to bed later and sleep later in the mornings. It’s great to allow this relaxing of school year discipline, but there should be a gradual return to this as school approaches so that it’s not a shock to their system when the first day and week of school arrive. A simple 15-20 minute earlier shift in their bedtime over a few weeks before school can accomplish this. It gets them into it without any of the shock or trauma, and it doesn’t have the feeling of a punishment. We already talked about taking them to buy supplies, and they obviously have to be present to try on new school clothes, whether they go to the state school and get to wear individual clothes, or some sort of parochial or private school which usually require a standard uniform or outfit. Clothing should be laid out the night before to avoid morning confusion.Already towards the end of July we are reminded that school is right around the corner and the stores are hoping for us to start planning what we are going to be wearing and buying for that first week of school. Parents of younger children might want to wait until the last minute for clothes because let’s face it, those younger ones are growing by leaps and bounds. It would be terrible to buy things like pants, trousers, or jeans only to have them look like “flood pants” when school starts. This is similar to how we have grown accustomed to Christmas ads as soon as early December. Many people get annoyed by this but marketing means alerting the people to the specials and getting those feet in the door as early as possible.Tough economic times are especially rough during back to school time. It is better to get the supplies that you can earlier on. While certain clothing items may have to wait for later on due to children’s growth spurts, or the latest styles not reaching store or e-tailer inventory until late August, things like book bags, nap sacks, socks, notebooks and pens, can all be purchased early on and stored until school actually starts. If you are lucky enough to have been provided a list of necessary items by the school at the conclusion of the prior term, then it’s a snap to get this stuff early so that it isn’t a financial shock all at once when you have to spend money on clothing, which let’s face it, isn’t cheap.Modern children have no idea how lucky that they are. In the 1800’s and earlier, children didn’t have “fashion” per se, and there was no individuality. Kids wore smaller versions of what their parents wore, mirroring the social class which they were born into. Today a middle class or poor kid might be wearing pretty much what a rich kid is wearing. Maybe the rich kid wants to look “real” and goes for the regular non rich kid look. Fashions go back and forth across the social strata, but in general it isn’t really defined by social status nearly as much as it once was.Today there are complete fashion styles just for kids and teens. There are fashion designers who design for this market segment. An entire part of the advertising industry is also devoted to this. The finishing touch on this market funnel down from producers and advertisers to their young hungry customers are the recent cable channels that are totally devoted to kids and teens. Networks like Nickelodeon and MTV and the others are natural advertising outlets for this merchandise. The magazines were out for a long time, but the channels are relatively recent. Now they have these award shows that mirror the Oscars and other “adult” award shows, complete with red carpet and all of the gossip about which young starlet to be is wearing who’s designer’s work.The ascension of the teen consumer market as a genuine consumer segment has ramifications for fashion students. Every designer knows that fashion itself is somewhat steered by the market, and it responds to local and social class trends. Teen fashion creation is different from adult or mature, ore even from those who are just preparing to enter the workforce. Teen styles welcome experiments and controversy. Some designers prefer to work for this segment since they can be more creative and push the boundaries, unlike their peers who work in the adult and mature fashion world.

Sunglasses & Fashion

Sunglasses have always played an integral role in the world of fashion, and for good reason: stylish people know that wearing sunglasses creates a mysterious aura. Sure, many actors, like Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan and Mickey Rourke also wear them to shield their eyes in hopes of making them less recognizable to the paparazzi or general public, but they must know that the sunglasses add appeal to their wardrobes. Rock stars have made wearing sunglasses glamorous since the 1950s and are often seen wearing them while onstage or even during interviews-maybe they are trying to hide the effects of their hard-living lifestyles. Finally, athletes wear them to protect their eyes while performing in the harsh sun, but they clearly choose the most fashionable styles.Most celebrities sport designer frames, such as Chanel, Dior, Prada, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Burberry and more. Sex and the City made average working women covet designer fashions, and sunglasses are actually one of the more affordable items that high end designers produce. For less than five hundred dollars, and sometimes even as low as a hundred and fifty dollars, someone can purchase designer sunglasses and feel like they are as stylish as Carrie Bradshaw. Accessories define an ensemble, so it’s a smart move to purchase a pair of designer sunglasses if one can afford it.During the 1980s, Rayban was the coolest brand of sunglasses on the market; skateboarders and surfers made them popular. However, in the past few years, the brand has had a resurgence and a diverse array of people can be seen wearing them.When shopping for sunglasses, consumers must focus on finding a pair that fits their own face shape. Just because a lot of models in fashion magazines are wearing huge, circular seventies-style sunglasses, that doesn’t mean they’ll look right on you-but it doesn’t hurt to try a pair on! Just remember that your outfit will have to match, so if there’s no retro clothing in your closet, you’re going to need to find some. A lot of the men out there might favor the reflective lenses worn by police officers on television shows to prove how tough they are, but they must make sure that the glasses go with their everyday attire, which should be fitted jeans and stylish polos and button-downs, not dull khakis and sweatshirts! People who favor a vintage flair will eschew all of the modern designs and choose a vintage cat-eye shape for their sunglasses. For a kitschy look, more courageous consumers will choose sunglasses shaped like hearts or stars.The best characteristic of sunglasses is that the options are endless! New styles emerge each season, with retro styles resurfacing often as well. Colors range from basics like black and red to funky leopard patterns to polka dots. The price points are diverse as well, so anyone can find a great pair of sunglasses to make them stand out from the crowd!